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This section provides details about the MyAccess Guest Account Management System. The Guest Account Management System allows authorized sponsors create an Active Directory account for a guest.


A guest is someone who is affiliated with UCSF, and who's identity can be vouched for by members of pre-defined Guest Account Sponsor Groups. Guests usually only need access to one or a few UCSF resources, and for a limited time. Therefore, they do not fall into any other affiliate category.

Guests, like any other affiliate, are given a UCSF ID Number (02 ID), and their record will be sent to Active Directory and the Enterprise Directory Service (EDS) which will allow for MyAccess Single-Sign-On (SSO). This means that a guest will be able to get an Active Directory account (which is usually the whole reason for being put into the system as a guest), and the guest's information will be available to any application which has access to UCSF identity data. Having an Active Directory account allows the guest to use the MyAccess SSO service, and the Campus Wireless (UCSFwpa) network.

Guest are unable to request accounts for themselves. If you wish to have a guest account please contact an existing sponsor or someone in the UCSF department you are collaborating with to become a sponsor on your behalf.

Guest Account Sponsor


A Guest Account Sponsor is a UCSF administrator who agrees to take on the responsibility of approving guest requests and managing guest accounts through the Guest Account Management system. If you would like become a Sponsor, please contact the IT Service Desk at Let the Service Desk know that you need to create guest accounts for your department and why, asking that the ticket be assigned to Identity & Access Management. Our team will contact you when your guest sponsor access is ready and you can begin creating guest accounts for your sponsees. 

Information Necessary to Establish Group

To establish a UCSF employee as a sponsor the following information is required:

  1. UCSF ID (02 ID)

Once you have provided this we will arrange a time when we can walk you through what it takes to be a sponsor.

Each sponsor can login into the Guest Account application, and begin to create guest accounts.  Note that if you are not a Sponsor, you will receive an error if you try to login to the Guest Account application.

Pricing & Billing

As of Jan 2021, all affiliates (guests are a type of affiliate) who use the network (use of MyAccess constitutes network use) will be charged $11.25/month. Since the affiliate can not be directly charged, the department of the sponsor of the guest will be charged. This means that the department associated with the sponsor group will be charged if the guest uses any MyAccess service (MyAccess SSO to log into an application or Wireless) during the month. If the guest uses a MyAccess service 1 or more times during the month, the department will be charged $11.25. If the guest does not use any MyAccess service during the month, the department will not be charged.

Information Required For Guests Account

The following information collected as part of the guest account creation process. Required fields are marked in bold:

  • First Name
  • Middle Initial
  • Last Name
  • Name Suffix
  • Email Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of Birth
  • Reason requesting the account

Once the account is created, the guest is associated with the department to which the sponsor is associated.

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  1. This page says "There are currently 10 Sponsor Groups on the UCSF campus." but the form lists 17 sponsor groups. Maybe 7 are Ad Hoc Sponsor Groups? Regardless, I'd just eliminate that sentence altogether. Not sure it provides information an end user can use.

  2. Rich - thanks, I updated the page.

  3. Is this information still accurate? is giving me a 403.

  4. I also get You are not authorized to access this page. (Error 403) when trying to go to

    1. Only sponsors are able to access that page, I think, and I'm the only sponsor for the Library. Might be worth adding something in or around that sentence to make that clear, though.

  5. Are guests also automatically enabled to use Duo?

    1. Yes. But there is a delay of up to 12 hours after the Guest account is created for the DUO account to be created.

      1. Thanks for confirming.