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This is a Page to track all the questions from Hitachi IDM end users:- Please enter your questions here.

Q: Will Hitachi ID be accessible through MyAccess?

A: Yes, the link is available in MyAccess

Q: How does this new access request process integrate with the HR on-boarding process?

A: The process stays the same. We're only changing the tool. Instead of logging into IID/CLS you will login into Hitachi now

Q: Is it possible to assign multiple access codes, or does one need to enter each one individually, then repeat the process for the next, etc.?

A: Yes, you can request several doors for one person at once

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  1. How do I cancel door access when someone transfers to a different department. 

  2. If that person doesn't need that door anymore you can end date that particular door and a request will be sent to all door authorizers to approve the same.

    1. Can I do this in bulk?

      1. Yes, you can end date multiple doors and the multiple requests will go to the authorizers