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Schedule 2019

7:30   Registration and Continental Breakfast (Room 136)

8:00   Resident Group Photo (Outdoor amphitheater)

8:15-8:45 Introduction to the Core Competencies / Milestones and a Clinical Culture of Safety (Auditorium)

8:45   Interns move to assigned first station (number that appears on their name badge, see list of assigned groups)

8:50   First station begins

9:40   Second station begins.  Interns move to second station (8 → 1 → 2 → 3 etc)

10:30   Third station begins

11:20   Fourth Station Begins

12:10   LUNCH (Room 136)

   Best of the Policies Presentation  

12:30   Photobooth Open 

1:10  Fifth Station Begins

2:00  Sixth Station Begins

2:50  Break with coffee, water, refreshments

3:05  Seventh Station Begins

3:55  Eighth and Final Station Begins

4:45  Evaluations (to be completed in the same room as the individual’s final station)

5:00  Faculty debrief in room 113


Fresno Survival Guide - recommendations ranging from accountants to daycare

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