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Welcome to Clinical Pharmacy's Research Resources for Faculty.  The purpose of this wiki is to provide materials to support research publication and grant submission.  If you have information on upcoming trainings, funding opportunities or other resources you would like to share, please contact Victor Santos.


Calendar of Recurring Limited Submission Opportunities






 (star)Message from Kathryn Phillips regarding Grantsmanship Help:

 Dear faculty:

 I am continuing the grantsmanship mentoring program by offering opportunities for any faculty member to discuss grantsmanship issues on a one-time basis as part of our team’s monthly phonecon, held alternating Mondays and Thursdays/once a month, for 30-40 minutes (between 11-12:30).  Our group includes both senior and junior faculty and researchers. You could discuss proposal plans, issues in leadership or collaboration for grants you already work on, applying for the dept research resources fund, or anything related to grants that you’d like. Let me know if you’d like to be on the agenda for one of our upcoming meetings. Everyone who has done this has really found a group discussion helpful!  It’s a phone conference so it saves you travel time.




 (star)ESCape is the weekly Educational Scholarship Conference hosted by the Office of Medical Education, and is open to all members of UCSF.  Topics vary from week to week.  ESCape is a key way to get valuable peer review of educational ideas, methodologies, abstracts, manuscripts and proposals.  It also helps connect those looking for interprofessional collaborators.



(red star)Save the Date
  Message from Ruth Greenblatt regarding:

17th Annual Spring Research Seminar Monday, April 27, 2015

2:00-5:00 PM

Millberry Union Conference Center

 All faculty, staff, fellows, residents, and 4th year pharmacy students are strongly
encouraged to present their current research and/or quality improvement projects (encore
performances of past posters presented at major scientific meetings are appropriate as well). 
Faculty student projects (e.g. the Health Policy and Pharmaceutical Science pathway projects and
the CP150 projects) are also welcomed.  Please note that faculty from other departments and
schools, as well as all pharmacy students, will be invited to attend.



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