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  • Plan Fluor ELWD 20x/0.45 (DIC N1)

  • Plan Fluor ELWD 40x/0.60 (DIC N1)

  • Plan Fluor ELWD 60x/0.70 (DIC N1)

  • Plan Fluor 4x/0.13 (PhL DL)

  • Plan Apo 20x/0.75 (DIC N2)

  • Plan Fluor 20x/0.75 MImm (DIC N2)

  • Apo LWD 40x/1.15 WI (DIC N2)

  • Plan Apo VC 60x/1.2 WI (DIC N2)

  • Plan Apo VC 100x/1.4 Oil (DIC N2)

Other Equipment
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