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Accessing the NIC Server

The NIC maintains an 8 TB file server for temporary storage of data acquired in the NIC to allow for easy transport of data between microscopes, our offline analysis systems, and any other computer at UCSF. It is not accessible from outside the UCSF network.

To access the server from Windows:

  1. Open a windows explorer window and go to Tools → Map Network Drive

  2. Pick an unused drive letter and type \\nicdata\data

  3. Login using the same nicuser account you use to login to the microscopes.

From Mac:

  1. In the Finder go to Go → Connect to Sever

  2. Enter smb://

  3. Enter CAMPUS in the Workgroup/Domain field and the nicuser username and password.

Once you've logged on to the server, create a folder to store your files in. Then save data to your heart’s content.


The reservation calendars for all the microscopes are on iLab. The landing page for access to all microscope calendars is

If you don’t have an iLab account detailed directions for setting up an account can be found on the RRP website. The basic steps for setting up a new account are as follows:

  1. Create your iLab Account at
  2. Request to be added to your PI
  3. Ask your PI to assign you to funding sources (This step has to be done by the PI or someone assigned as a Lab Manager)

The calendars are restricted to trained users and access is granted after a training session.

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