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Here are 3D parts we have designed for microscopes. Most have been designed in either Solidworks or Autocad Inventor (which can be obtained free for academic use).

96-well format sample holders

These are stage inserts with the same footprint as a standard 96-well plate, so they will sit in any 96-well plate holder.

Sample TypeSTL fileCAD fileNotes
1“ x 3” slideSTLAutocad Inventor
1“ x 3” slide (large clearance)STLAutocad Inventor
35 mm dishSTLSolidworks
37 mm dishSTLAutocad InventorFor new Mattek dishes (BD Falcon)

Nikon Ti Stage sample holders

These are stage inserts designed to sit in the 96-well plate holder insert for the Nikon Ti Stage.

Sample TypeSTL fileCAD fileNotes
Labtek Chambered slideSTLAutocad Inventor
Base (no cutout)
Autocad Inventor

Correction Collar Motor

These are parts for a correction collar that clamps on to a Nikon 40x / 1.15 WI objective and allows the collar to be driven by a servo motor.

NameImageDescriptionSTL fileCAD file
Clamps around objective and holds an HS-55 Sub Micro servo motorSTLSoldiworks
WedgeTo hold clamp in placeSTLSolidworks
Drive WheelMounts on servo to engage collarSTLSolidworks

Other Microscope Parts

NameImageDescriptionSTL fileCAD file
Nikon Ti Transmitted Light Slider
holds a 25mm filter in the transmitted light path of the Nikon TiSTLAutocad Inventor
Nikon Ti eyepiece tube filter holder
holds a 25 mm filter in the eyepiece light path of the Nikon TiSTLAutocad Inventor

Adapters for ASI GAIIx parts

NameImageDescriptionSTL fileCAD file
XY Stage insert
holds a 2×3“ slidelx4000_2x3slide_holder.stllx4000_2x3slide_holder.ipt
XY Stage Adapter for AZ100



PartSTL fileCAD fileAdditional Parts
Arduino Uno BoxSTLAutocad Inventor4-40 threaded inserts BNC jack
Lid for Arduino BoxSTLAutocad Inventor

Laser Cut Parts for Microscopy

PartIllustrator FileAdditional Parts
AZ100 enclosure, left sideaz100_enclosure_left_top.ai4-40 threaded inserts
AZ100 enclosure, right sideaz100_enclosure_right_top.ai4-40 threaded inserts
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