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This is the wiki-homepage of the Congenital Cardiac Anesthesia space. We're a division of the Department of Anesthesia, UCSF, based at the Benioff Children's Hospital, Mission Bay. It is an exciting and growing division that involves physicians from Cardiothoracic Surgery, Interventional and Diagnostic Cardiology, Cardiac Intensive Care, and of course a dedicated group of Congenital Cardiac Anesthesiologists.

Those interested in our projects, QI ideas and clinical practice changes can join our slack forum on, using an address.

For those interested in a Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship year, please see our advertisement for Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship Year (Clinical Instructor Rank) in Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia.

- This wiki is managed by Will (, an Australian-Canadian fellow lost in San Francisco (with his party of five), whose personal UCSF space is here. Contributions and suggestions are welcome!

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