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UC Libraries Advisory Structure Modification Project


Beginning July 1, 2013, the University of California Libraries launched a revised advisory structure. The previous structure (1998-2013) was sunsetted, including but not limited to SOPAG and the ACGs. In preparation for the transition to the new advisory structure, a series of orientation webinars were held in June 2013, designed to provide the new committees and groups with the information and tools required to begin their work in July 2013.  For further information, see:


Documents: Phase II  (2013)

See also: Documents: Phase I (2010-2012) 

1. UCL Advisory Structure - Organization and Communication Charts

2.  UCL Advisory Structure - Services and Projects

3.  UCL Advisory Structure - Membership

4. Principles and goals underlying the UCL Advisory Structure modifications 

5. UC Libraries Systemwide Plan and Priorities (authored by Council of University Librarians) 

6. Council of University Librarians (CoUL) memos to  UC Library Community regarding advisory structure

Committees and Groups

1. Coordinating Committee   

2. Strategic Action Groups ("SAGs")

Strategic Action Group 1 ("SAG1"): Scholarly Research & Communication

Strategic Action Group 2 ("SAG2"): Access, Discovery & Infrastructure  

Strategic Action Group 3 ("SAG3"): Collection Building & Management

Collection Licensing Subgroup (SAG3 subgroup)  

3. Common Knowledge Groups ("CKGs")

4. Operations Teams

5. Project Teams

Impementation Team

Elizabeth Cowell, Convener (UC Santa Cruz)

Ellen Meltzer (California Digital Library)

Adrian Petrisor (UC Irvine)

Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz (UC Berkeley)

Sarah Troy (UC Santa Cruz)


Timeline: Phase II  (2013)

See also: Timeline: Phase I (2010-2012) 


    • July - Revised UCL Advisory Structure launched!
    • June -  UCL Advisory Structure appointees announced by CoUL 06/04/13; UC Libraries web site ( modified to reflect new advisory structure; new member orientation webinars conducted by Implementation Team June 24th, 25th, 26th.
    • May -  Nominees for the majority of campus, CDL and LAUC advisory structure positions submitted to SOPAG 05/06/13. Selection process completed by SOPAG 05/13/13 and forwarded to CoUL for final approval; CoUL approved slate on 05/17/13, though a small number of positions pending. Staff selected for membership notified week of May 20th. Remaining positions to be finalized by early June; full membership slate to be announced via email by CoUL first week June. Complete list of existing ACG projects and service operation teams compiled and assigned to appropriate Advisory Structure groups.      
    • April - Revised committee and group charges approved by CoUL. Process for populating new advisory structure committees and groups drafted; call for nominations distributed by SOPAG to campuses, CDL, and LAUC.     
    • March - SOPAG distributes email to ACG Chairs requesting they draft an inventory of current projects (ongoing and ad hoc). Draft charges presented to CoUL at 03/22/13 conference call; CoUL provided feedback and requested charges be updated to reflect feedback. Cowell forwarded revised charges to CoUL for endorsement on 03/28/13. 
    • February - Implementation Project Team develops project timeline, work breakdown structure, and draft charges for all UC Libraries Advisory Structure groups. SOPAG provides CoUL update on implemenation activities at 02/21/13 F2F meeting in Oakland. SOPAG members provide local campus staff and ACGs with formal presentations on advisory structure redesign.   
    • January - CoUL and SOPAG distribute to UC Libraries memo announcing the launch of the implementation phase of the UCL advisory structure redesign; documents relative to the redesign are posted publicly. SOPAG establishes a UC Libraries Advisory Structure Implementation Project Team, led by Elizabeth Cowell, SOPAG Chair (UCSC).

Comments and suggestions are welcome and may be submitted to Elizabeth Cowell, Implementation Team Convener (UCSC).  Email:  






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