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About AP Recruit

Faculty recruitment has long been a paper-intensive process, creating an administrative burden for increasingly over-assigned staff and faculty committees juggling multiple priorities.  AP Recruit, the Academic Personnel Recruiting System, is a web application developed at UC Irvine with the goal of streamlining this process.  The application will be deployed at each of the 10 University of California campuses over the 2011-2013 time period with UCSF deploying in June 2012.  AP Recruit is policy-compliant and will be the system of record.  Some features of AP Recruit include:

  • Applicants can manage and monitor their application progress
  • References can log in and securely upload their letters of reference
  • Department analysts can easily set up new recruitments
  • Faculty search committees can quickly review applicants
  • Self-reported diversity data is easily available to the proper groups

Project Background

  • Charter


Project Documents

  • UCSF Branding packet
  • UCSF System Integration packet


January 2012:
  • Project kickoff with UC Irvine
February 2012:
  • Working Group launch
  • QA Environment configured
March 2012:
  • New Process Maps defined
  • Identify gaps
April 2012:
  • Develop gap solution options
  • Make decision on options
May 2012:
  • Training Environment configured
  • Schedule training sessions
June 2012:
  • Conduct training sessions
  • Launch AP Recruit production environment

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